Thursday, August 21, 2008

The kiddos

So... as a mother, I obviously shoot my kids more than any other subject.  One may think that this means I have an endless supply of "perfect" shots of them, but this is totally not the case!    They are easily irritated with me and the camera, especially my 4 year old.  Most photos I have of her are priceless of her eyes rolled in the back of her head, her lower lip (or tongue) sticking out etc etc....  

But every now and then.. I get what I envisioned the shot to look like.  Not to say that I don't cherish every mood I can capture, but after hundreds of photos where you'd think my kids are the most unhappy and/or un-photogenic bunch, and would imagine that I was most definitely torturing these girl's most treasured toys above my head as they scream at the camer... getting a handful of good ones are priceless.

I just love these girls... I could eat them up.... so delish!

PS The last 2 are not the same baby... I got TWO of them!

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